Thursday, November 18, 2010

Colorful Wet Felted Bracelets

Pulseras de Fibra de Fieltro de Colores


This is one of C's Christmas presents I made. I got these plastic bracelets , I thought of using them make  some colorful wet felted bracelets. You will need some plastic bracelets, wool roving in different colors (I got mine at  Spinning Awesome Good etsy shop...I love it. ) and some warm soapy water ( We used dish detergent).

Este es uno de los regalos de Navidad que hice para C, compre estas pulseras y pense en usarlas para hacer fibra de lana con ellas. Necesitaras, pulseras  de plastico , fibra de lana en diferentes colores ( yo compre la mia en Spinning Awesome Good etsy encanta), y agua tibia con  detergente.

First we chose a color  of wool , we pull gentle to get a strip.

Elige in color de la fibra, jala cuidadosamente un tira.

Start wrapping the wool around the bracelet. 

                                    Empieza a envolver la tira de fibra al rededor de la pulsera.

Until the hole strip is attach to the bracelet

                                              Hasta que toda la tira este unida a la pulsera

Start the same wrapping process with another wool color strip.
                        Empieza a hacer el mismo procedimiento con otro color de fibra en tira

Keep doing the same until we get the whole bracelet wrapped with wool in different colors.
 Hazlo lo mismo hasta que completes toda la pulsera
                                   Once we are done, we dip it in the warm soapy water 
                           Cuando termines, sumerge la pulsera en el agua con detergente

                                            Start wet felting by gently rubbing the bracelet.

                                        Empieza a frotar  gentilmente la fibra de la pulsera

                       Once you are done, rinse all the soap from the wool in water then squeeze the water out.

Enjuagala con agua y exprime el agua de la pulsera

   Put them to dry

                                                                        Dejalas secar                                                                

                                               They are so lovely...
                                                 Y  quedan super lindas...

I bought this cardboard box in the local craft store for $2. I used some watercolor paint to give it a colorful touch. Ready to go under the tree next month...Hopefully she will like them.

Compre esta caja de carton de la tienda de manulidades por $2, las pinte on acuarelas para darle un poco de color y alegria. Y el regalo esta listo para ponderlo debajo del arbol el proximo mes...Espero que a C le gusten!

I wish all of you my friends to have a wonderful Thanks Giving Day!! I will be out offline  enjoying special moments. for the whole next week.. Thank you for stopping by..

Les deseo que pasen un Hermoso Dia de Gracias!! Estare fuera de internet disfrutando momentos especiales  por toda la proxima semana...
Gracias por pasar por aqui..


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and cute work!!!

Jill said...

Beautiful! Have a lovely time with your family!

merche29 said...

que preciosidad. me encanta la idea

C-Joy said...

What a great alternative to Silly Bands!

twolittleseeds said...

Great idea! x

Leptir (Nataša) said...

It's so beautiful!

The Sunshine Crew said...

Awesome idea! We will have to make some of these for my boys to give to their girl cousins for Christmas.
Thanks so much for sharing!
When we make ours, I will be sure to link to your post.
So cool. Can't wait to make these!

Anonymous said...

Tus pulseras son maravillosas, seguro que tu princesa disfrutará mucho de sus regalos navideños!!!!!!!!

Féepoussière said...


An award waiting for you on my blog!

momma rae said...

beautiful!!! so much nicer than the plastic bracelet. ;) i love the box, too!

Olives and Pickles said...

I agree much better than plastic eh!!thanks for stopping by my friends!

The Sunshine Crew said...

Thanks so much for popping by my blog and commenting with a link to your blog! You were my inspiration for making these bracelets, as I loved them and had commented on yours back a few months ago, but then, when I went to give a shout out to the blogger who made them, I could not find your original post. Have updated my post to show that you were the inspiration, and as promised back in November, have linked to you:

Thanks again for helping me to find your link.
I love your blog!
Have a happy day today,