Sunday, August 1, 2010


Gracias Feliz Mama for this award..thank you !!

Gracias Feliz Mama for this award!!

Thank you to Feliz Mama for this beautiful award.


                                   Thank you toNatasa from Leptir and  ponad siebie for this award.

Thank you to Jazmin for thinking about my blog and giving me this award : )

Thank you to Feliz Mama , Ewa and Leptir for passing your award to me..You are very sweet and I also love your blogs.

This fun award from Yasmin  and Feliz Mama...Thank you!

An other wonderful award from Leptir

A beautiful award from Leptir ..Thank you my friend.

A big Thank You  to  aupetitmondedelisa  for this nice gesture!

Thank you Ivonee   from Somos una familia que nos queremos mucho. And Leptir

Thank you Leptir and bitacora blanca  for this great award.

Sandy from Raising Ian passed me the "Versatile Blogger" award. She is a Montessori mama. She has a wonderful blog full of good ideas and love for her adorable son.
Thank you!

I  was really excited when I read that two liitle seeds gave me a blog award!!


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