Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Triangle Stars

I always save cardboard from boxes so I decided to make some triangles to construct stars . Click Here to print the instructions and the triangles for free. (they have lots of Montessori printables for free).

Tengo carton reciclado de cajas, decidi hacer esta actividad para construir estrellas. Aqui puedes imprimir las instrucciones y tambien los triangulos sin algun costo (puedes imprimir mas actividades tambien).

We painted the cardboard

Pintamos el carton

We let it dry over night. Then cut the triangles out and started making fun stars.

Lo dejamos secar por toda la noche.Luego cortamos los triangulos y empezamos a hacer estrellas.

A 12-pointed star

Una estrella de 12 puntas

A 6 pointed star.

Una estrella de 6 puntas

A 4 pointed star

Una estrella de 4 puntas

A 6 pointed star

Una estrella de 6 puntas

A 4 pointed star.

Una estrella de 4 puntas.


Jennifer Williams said...

Thanks, this has reminded me about this activity and I think my daughter will enjoy it.... by the way, I just read the quote at the head of your blog.... I love it!!

Jen x

twolittleseeds said...

I haven't seen this before x

Olives and Pickles said...

Dear Jennifer. I love the quote too. Maria Montessori was such a clever lady, thanks to her we have all these great quotes that mean so much! Thanks for visiting my blog.

lillianmaurtua said...

I found this activity very interesting. At the same time they are making different stars, learning more triangles and using their imagination.