Thursday, August 26, 2010

Polishing Pennies

Puliendo Centavos

Today we did some polishing, I got the idea from The Wonder Years blogspot. We mixed some vinegar,salt and water, we also used an old toothbrush and cloth to rub and dry the pennies.

Hoy pulimos algunas monedas, obtuve la idea del blog 'los años maravillosos'.Mezclamos agua, vinagre y sal, tambien utilizamos un cepillo de dientes sin uso para resfregar las monedas y finalmente una toalla pequena para frotar y secar las monedas.

The pennies before being polished.

Las monedas de un centavo antes de ser pulidas.

Little hands working!!

Pequenas manitos trabajando!

The pennies after being polished.

Las monedas de un centavo despues de ser pulidas


Leptir said...

Thanks for sharing :-)

Sandy said...

This is one of the activities I'd like to do with my son when he gets older and his attention span is wider. It seems Little C had developed a good level of concentration.

Anonymous said...

Qué buen trabajo!!!

Olives and Pickles said...

Dear Sandy,
It took little C a while to be able to sit still for a hole session of "work", the only think that would keep her concentrated it was reading time,but since a month ago her level of attention span increase tremendously. I present to her the activities, she chooses what to make and when she finishes she keeps asking for more activities.But when the activities are too easy for her she starts being silly,like when we do some pouring excercise she starts spilling on purpose.
Thanks for your comment. Ian is such a cute boy!

Eva said...

Ohh I can't wait to try this with my daughter :)