Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 of her favorite toys

My daughter likes most of her toys.Here are some of her favorites(later on ,I will show you some more).
We bought this toy when my daughter turned 1 year old, she still plays with it almost everyday,she also knows all 12 shapes. we bought it from ToysRUs for $10.00.

Mi hija disfruta jugar con sus juguetes. Aqui les mostrare uno de los juguetes que le compramos cuando ella tenia 12 meses de edad, y juega con este a diario, sabe las 12 figuras geometricas y tambien los colores de este.Lo compramos de la tienda ToysRUs por $10.

This second toy we got it when she was 8 months old, I keep it up her closet because the balls are small, I only put the toy down whenever I am watching her 100% (safety first).SHE STILL LOVES IT!! One of the reasons must be she doesn't see it in her toyroom.We paid for it $5.

Este otro lo compramos cuando ella tenia 8 meses de edad, tiene pelotas pequenas asi que apenas ella termina de jugar con este,lo coloco arriba de su ropero(por seguridad).Le encanta jugar con este juguete, me sorprende porque despues de 20 meses aun esta interesada en este juguete. Creo que una de las razones es que ella no lo ve frecuentemente en su dormitorio de juegos. Pagamos por este juguete $5.

This next toy is one of her very favorites, she loves the little cutting board and slicing the watermelon,cucumber..etc. and also she enjoys using the velcro in each piece to put it back together. We got it from a second hand store for $3 each box.

Este otro es uno de sus preferidos,se entretiene mucho rebanando la sandia ,el pepino..etc.Cada pieza tiene cinta de velcro, asi que despues de rebanar las piezas tambien las puede poner juntas otra vez.Lo obtuvimos de una tienda de segundo uso por $3. cada set.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rainbow Paper

Well today my daughter and her daddy had a busy day! They went to have lunch , they also went to the library and finally to the park. They had so much fun, I love when they spent this beautiful time together.
Early in the morning we made some tie dye paper,we used some tissue paper in different colors,water,sponges and white paper.

Hoy dia mi hija y su papa tuvieron un dia muy ocupado, fueron a almorzar juntos,luego a la biblioteca y finalmente al parque.Se divirtieron mucho, me encanta que tengan esos momentos juntos que en un futuro seran inolvidables.
En la manana hicimos tenir papel blanco de distintos colores, usamos papel sedita de diferentes colores,agua,esponjas y papel blanco.

First we put the tissue paper on the table and the white paper on the top then we used the sponges with water to get the white paper wet so it can extract the color from the tissue paper.

Primero colocamos las tiras de papel sedita en la mesa y encima el papel blanco, luego utilizamos las esponjas con agua para mojar el papel blanco y asi extraer el color del papel sedita.

Once we got all the paper wet we hang it up to dry.

Cuando el papel blanco este todo mojado lo colgamos para dejarlo secar.

After it is all dried we can draw on our beautiful rainbow paper! When my daughter finished drawing she said it was her baby doll's turn to draw. So sweet!

Una vez que haya secado el papel podemos dibujar en el, ya que tendremos un hermoso dibujo con fondo colorido!Cuando mi hija termino de dibujar, me dijo:"mami ahora es el turno de dibujar de la bebe"(her baby doll).super dulce!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Making a beaded zipper pull

My daughter loves to make this activity, we got the idea from a Waldorf school family day we went to.
Things you will need: •1 head pin •some beads •1 hook and a round nose plier.(it is not in this picture).

A mi hija le gusta hacer esta actividad.Esta idea la aprendimos un dia que fuimos a una fiesta familiar en una de las escuelas Waldorf en mi ciudad.
Para esta manualidad necesitaras: 1 alfiler con cabeza,algunas cuentas de distintos colores y formas ,1 gancho de metal y un alicate (el cual no esta en la foto).

My daughter put the beads onto the head pin, she kept saying the little beads are the babies and big beads are the sweet!

Mi hija coloco las cuentas en el alfiler, y ella a la vez me decia que,
" las cuentas grandes son las mamas y las cuentas pequenas son los bebes". Super tierna!

Then daddy helped us to secure the loop by wrapping it couple of times.

Luego papa nos ayudo a asegurar el resto del alfiler doblandolo con el alicate.

After that we slipped the hook throught the wire wrapped loop.

Despues pusimos el gancho de metal en el alfiler de cuentas.

We made three of them.

Hicimos tres de ellos.

Finally our zipper pull is complete. We added to my daughter's packpack and two of her favorite jackets.It makes it so much easier for her to zipp...she likes to play zipping up and down! so much fun!!

Finalmente nuestro jalador de cierre de cuentas esta listo.Enganchamos uno en la mochila de mi hija y en sus dos chaquetas favoritas.Con este jalador ella se divierte jugando con el cierre, jalando para arriba y para abajo. Muy divertido!

Helping nature

My daughter is very interested in birds and insects, we thought it would be a good idea to get a bird house for her. She did a spooning exercise and helped us put some bird food inside the bird house.She loved it!

Mi hija esta muy interesada en pajaritos e insectos,decidimos comprar un comedero para pajaros. Ella puso la comida para los pajaros dentro del comedero utilizando una cuchara.Le encanto!!

So now we are waiting for some little bird friends to stop by and enjoy their meal.

Bueno, ahora estamos a la espera de algunos amigos pajaritos para que disfruten su comida.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do it myself!!

Lately my daughter is being saying "do it myself"very often. She wants to do things all by herself, which I think is very cool, helps her to build independence!
Well this morning she wanted to peel her boiled eggs all by herself..I have to say she did a good job for being the first time.

Ultimamente mi hija me pide hacer cosas por si sola,dice"yo puedo solA".Lo cual me parece muy bien ya que construye independencia personal.Esta manana ella pelo los huevos duros para el desayuno, y lo hizo muy bien por ser la primera vez.

She was really excited, she said "I did it".Here is the final product.

Ella estuvo muy orgullosa de si misma, dijo, "lo hice". Aqui esta el producto final.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Step by step

Welcome to this blog . This is my first post which makes me excited. I have been following blogs for the past several months and I am really thankful with other bloggers who dedicate the time to share some of their great ideas with all of is so inspiring!!
I love to get fresh ideas to help create something new with my daughter who is 28 months old. I finally worked up the courage to create our blog, which i admitt took a little time to reach this conclusion, but I think it will be fun to share with others our activities.

Parenthood is such an indescribable work, yes, very hard work ,but, I think it is the funnest blessing a parent could ever have. My daughter is the muse of everything I do. I want to help her undertand better the world and to be thankful with nature for the air, flowers,trees, sand,ocean,the clouds,the rain,the sun,the snow and all the great stuff we are blessed to have.
Why olives and pickles? Well my daughter gave me the idea, I don't know how many times she asks "olives and pickles" a day..she just loves them!!
Thank you for reading my first post I will be glad to hear some comments or suggestions.
Enjoy nature!