Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exchange Time

Hora de un Intercambio

Hi my friends, I'm working in some Birthday projects for C...I will post about them later.
Now I want to get the  Continent  Boxes  ready to work  with C, she loves the Continents,knows them all.
I live in Alaska so if somebody is interested in exchanging postcards and a little small souvenir from here please leave me a comment or  e-mail me..

Hola mis amigos, estoy trabajando en algunos proyectos de cumpleaños para C. .. voy a publicar sobre ellos más adelante.
Ahora me estoy preparando para preparar las  Cajas de los  Continentes para trabajar con C, que le pone mucha dedicacion al tema, los conoce todos.
Yo vivo en Alaska, así que si alguien está interesado en el intercambio de tarjetas postales y un pequeño recuerdo  de aquí, por favor déjame un comentario o enviar un correco electronico.



about a girl said...

Hi there! I'm also getting some Continent Boxes ready for L!! It's so much fun. Right now I am working on Australia and I'm almost done. Would you like to share some files?

Gigi said...

Would Texas stuff help you or Mexico?

Olives and Pickles said...

About a girl..thanks my friend for the offer but I haven't made any files yet..I will love to make some, I will have more time after C's birthday! I thought while I am collecting the stuff for the boxes I will work on the files as well.I may have some done for the end of February : ] (it is being really busy over here).

Gigi I will love to get stuff from Texas and Mexico..that will be great!Please e-mail for details!!Thanks a lot my friend!

Marta said...

Would you like something from Hawaii? Love the idea of yours!

Olives and Pickles said...

Marta thanks for the offer I went ahead and leave you a comment in your blog.