Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Sensory Bin

Caja Sensorial de Marzo

Our theme for March is rainbow colors, Our winter here is very white..lots of cool snow but I miss to see more colors. I think I like this sensory bin more than C does : (  She plays with it not as much as she did with our February sensory bin....but we will see next week she may get more interested on it.

Nuestro tema de Marzo es colores del arco iris, el invierno aqui es muy blanco...mucha nieve, extrano ver mas colores. Es por eso que pense en hacer esta caja sensorial con diversidad de colores, creo que la mas entusiasmada con esta caja soy yo..porque a C no la veo jugar con ella tanto como jugaba con nuestra caja sensorial de Febrero ....pero tal vez la proxima semana crea mas interes en ella.

For this bin I used : different kinds of pasta ( I went to the cheapest grocery store to buy the cheapest pasta).

Para esta caja sensorial utilize pasta( fui al supermercado mas barato y compre la pasta mas barata que encontre).

Supplies for Colored Pasta/  Materiales para tenir la pasta
1. food coloring / colorante de alimentos2. dried pasta (any kind)/pasta3. rubbing alcohol/ alcohol4. ziploc bags/ bolsas con selladura

Directions/Instrucciones :
1. place noodles in ziploc bag./ coloque los fideos en una bolsa Ziploc.2. completely cover the noodles with rubbing alcohol/ cubrir completamente los fideos con alcohol3. mix in food coloring/ anada y mezcle con el colorante de alimentos4. let the noodles sit to absorb color (the longer they sit, the deeper the color.)   /dejar que los fideos se sientan para absorber el color (cuanto más tiempo se sientan, más profundo es el color). 5. once desired color is reached, drain liquid (do not rinse) and dry noodles on old newspaper/ una vez que obtenga el color deseado, escurra el liquido  (no enjuague) y coloque los fideos a secar en periodicos.

I made these bean felt bags for C...we've  been having fun with our shape bean bags I made some months ago, I think these new bags will go better for our Rainbow theme.

Hice estas bolsas de  fieltro de  frijoles para C..Ultimamente hemos estado jugando con las   bolsas en formas geometricas que hice meses atras, pense que estas nuevas bolsas serian mas utiles para nuestro tema de colores.

I add a button to each bag to make it a little bit more interesting, I also made some felt flower of each color for C to practice her buttoning.

Anadi un boton a cada bolsita para hacerlas un poco mas interesantes, tambien hice flores de fieltro de cada color para que C practique el usar botones.

I will post on Monday our March Rainbow Activities : ) Have a great weekend!

Posteare el Lunes nuestras actividades de Marzo  de arco iris : ) Que tenga un bello fin de semana!!


merche29 said...

que ideas mas bonitas y la caja sesorial parece una obra de arte con todos esos colores, enhorabuena. Los saquitos son muy utiles tambien. me gustan

Andrea said...

Very pretty. Love how you thought to add the flowers:) I am now following your blog
~Jada Roo Can Do

twolittleseeds said...

Lovely. I haven't thought about a March box. Nice !

Elle Belles Bows said...

Fabulous!! So vibrant and fun!! Hope you are well.! Take care, Kerri

Jill said...

Great ideas! Love the bright fun colors! Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog it's really interesting!! But I was wondering for what age is this sensory box and what kind of activities can I do with my child? and do you think this will be only for girls or it could be used for boys too, thanks a lot and congrats about your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Previous post comment was mine Sorry to post this as anonymus (it's just that i don't have an account here but i will get one...) My name is Lesly and I live in Peru, I'm a teacher and also a mother... :)
See you...

Olives and Pickles said...

Lesly..I am late ansering your questions..I am sorry I've being sick for two weeks...but looking better.
About the Sensory Bin, I think it is an interesting way to present your child new experiences, it is an opportunity to invite him/her to feel different textures,shapes,colors,smells,and bring imagintaion with it. You also can present a sensory tray with less things but things that could be interesting for him/her. I make the sensory bin activity for C because gives her tha chance to get messy,to feel different stuff or objects that she is not in contact very often..this makes it interesting for her. I also try to make every month a new sensory bin with new or maybe fresh stuff (stuff that she hasn't seen lately).I also try to use stuff that I have around the house or maybe create some cool stuff like colorful pasta, it is the first time she sees it.I don't spent a lot of money preparing this bins..sometimes simple is better. You can see my other sensory tubs that are very inexpensive.
I also think this is a cool activity for boys..I don't think it matters at all. Kids develop the same interests in different ways.You may try stuff that gets attention of your son.
I may suggest sensory tubs for children who already develop sitting posture..maybe close to a year old..we just need to watch out for them not to put stuff on their mouth or maybe try to use stuff that is not hazard for them.

I hope this give you a little idea of what I do with sensory bins.
Thanks a lot for your lovely comments I hope to hear more from you.

Have a good day