Monday, February 6, 2012

On our shelves - February

En Nuestros Estantes

Our theme of this month  is Valentine's. Here are some activities we have on our shelves.

Nuestro tema de este mes es el dia de San Valentin, la mayoria de nuestras actividades son relativas al tema.

Button Activity

Actividad de botones

Art  basket

Canasta de Arte



Transferring pins

Transfiriendo alfileres

Play dough basket

Canasta de plastilina

Writing the letter C.  I use the sandpaper letters, the fabric alphabet I made several months ago, a box of flour, a little white board and a marker.

Escribiendo la letra C. Para esta actividad utilizo, la letra C de las tarjetas de papel de lija, la letra de c del alfabeto de tela que hize algunos meses atras, una caja con harina, una pizarra individual y un marcador.

Mirror polishing

Limpiando un espejo

Spoon exercise

Ejercicio de cuchara

Matching homemade shape cards from white and black cardboard

Emparejando unas tarjetas de formas hechas en casa utilizando cartulina blanca y negra.

Using velcro

Utilizando la cinta velcro

Open and close hearts, I put different erasers inside each heart.

Abrir y cerra corazones, puse borradores diferentes dentro de cada corazon.

Bilingual matching words puzzles (Spanish/english)

Rompecabezas de palabras en Espanol e Ingles

Watercolor Painting

Pintando con acuarelas

Transferring water with a dropper

Transfiriendo agua con un gotero

Pouring water

Sirviendo agua

Using mini pins

Utilizando pequenos ganchos

Matching numeral and quantity

Emparejando el numeral con la cantidad

Using tongs

Usando pinzas

Math game, roll the homemade dice and get the right amount of hearts

Juego de Matematica, tira el dado y cuenta la cantidad de corazones

Transferring water with a tiny funnel

Transfiriendo agua con un mini embudo

Transferring pink sand

Transfiriendo arena rosada

Wooden blocks polishing

Puliendo bloques de madera

So far C is doing  good, her favorites trays are the art basket, the watercolor paint  and the polishing mirror.

C esta trabajando en cada una de las actividades y sus favoritas son, la canasta de arte, la bandeja con pintura de acuarelas y la bandeja de limpiar el espejo.




Sasha said...

Looks like fun - wonderful activities. I especially like the pin transfer! That's a great idea! :)

Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

So many great trays!! I really like the things you do with felt, buttons and pins! So creative. I would love for you to share these at my tray link party! You might get some ideas too :)

Olives and Pickles said...

Sasha and Sierra. Thank your for stopping by and leave a comment. I think the pin transfer activity helps the children to be careful and focus even better in their work.
I will share the link over your blog Sierra.
Thank you ladies.
You are doing an awesome job too : )

Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

Thanks for sharing at WOTT, Patty! I meant to make the velcro heart activity but ran out of time and energy. It is such a great idea, though. I am going to save it for next year.

medina family said...

Love all these tray ideas! I really hope I'll put myself in action and put some of these together. Thanks for sharing them!