Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Sensory Box

Here is our Halloween Sensory Box.
Aqui esta nuestra Caja Sensorial del Dia de Halloween.

I put some black beans,pinecones,felt pumpkins,pipe cleaners,beads,silk leaves, clothes pins,spoon, feathers,little bowl, pon pons,  hearts.

Use frejoles negros,calabazas de fieltro,limpiadores de pipa,cuentas, hojas de seda, ganchos,cuchara,plumas,pompones,corazon, recipiente.

C doesn't seem very interested in the sensory boxes I prepare for her, she plays with them for a very short time and the next day she doesn't even look at them. I think I will have to find some other cool stuff to put inside the boxes so it gets her attention. We will see.

Mi C no muestra mucho interes en las cajas sensoriales que preparo para ella, ella juega con ellas por un dia y por unos pocos minutos y al siguiente dia no muestra nada de interes en ellas. Tengo que obtener nuevas y entretenidas cosas que ponder en las cajas para captar mas su atencion, me parece. Veremos.


twolittleseeds said...

Love your box.
My son doesn't play very long with them either so I have to cross it with other finding stuff in them, matching games. Then he goes and chooses to do these activities the following days by himself.
Sometimes I put animals/cars in there and that gets his imagination going. xx

Olives and Pickles said...

Thank you two little seeds for your ideas!!
Have a wonderdul day!

Discovering Montessori said...

This is a real nice sensory box. Its screaming fun,come play with me. Everytime I try to create a box it never comes out right. I am going to try this one. Thank you for the material list. Thank you for sharing.