Friday, October 1, 2010

On the farm

This is a trip to a local farm,we love going there,we get to ride on the tractor hay, pick up some fresh vegetables and fruit,see some animals and learn a little more about what we eat!!

Esta es una visita a la granja, nos encanta ir ahi,podemos hacer muchas cosas como subirnos al tractor de heno y pasear al rededor de la granja,recoger vegetales y fruta fresca,vemos animales y aprendemos mas acerca de que es los que comemos!!
Climbing up to the tractor hay for a ride around the farm.

Subiendo al tractor de heno para pasear alrededor de la propiedad. 

Little C playing with the hay in the tractor....

Mi pequena C jugando con el heno del tractor, a ella le encanta  subirse al tractor.
Helping papa to get some carrots.

Ayudando a papa a sacar algunas zanahorias.
She is so proud of herself..."mommy I got some carrots"

Ella esta muy orgullosa de si misma..."mami saque la zanahoria"

We also do some reading...of course there is always a chance to read with her..she likes to read the signs over and over.

Y por supuesto siempre hay tiempo de leer..A mi C le gusta leer los letreros una y otra vez, corre a cada letrero y lee las palabras.

 Enjoying our day.

Disfrutando nuestro dia..

Here are the goodies we picked up  from the farm....yummy!

Aqui estan las delicias que recogimos de la granja..rico!


Sandy said...

That was a great hand-on-learning experience!
I love the picture where Little C is point the label... it reminds me of Ian :-)

Anonymous said...

Qué maravilloso y delicioso, como siempre me deja con ganas de estar ahí!
Gracias por tus comentarios!!

Jill said...

Great pictures and wonderful learning! That food looks so yummy! Nothing like fresh from the garden taste! Have a great weekend!

Minara said...

wow you live in beautiful part of the world, loved looking at your pictures, interested to know what you did with all those lovely vegetables, anything interesting? please do share!

Olives and Pickles said...

Minara thank you for giving some of your time stoping by in my blog.I also visited your blog today...your children are just beautiful!
Yes, ALASKA is a wonderful place to enjoy nature and give my child the chance to discover mother earth.
I made lots of food actually using all these great goodies.
I used the spinach to make some green pasta with chicken(so so delicious)also for morning juices blended with fruit and milk.
I used the green peas for salads and also for scrambled eggs with green peas...My daughter loved it.
I used the beets for salad and also juice.
I used the potatoes for salads.
I used the brocoli to make some fried rice with vegetables.and also for salads.
I used the carrots for soup,salad and fried rice.
My husband used the cabbage for soup and also for cabbage and meat(I can't remeber the name of the dih I am sorry).
YES..Lots of salads eh?? Everyday for dinner we have to eat salad with our dish. We just love it.We are not vegetarians!!But we try to eat healthy.

Olives and Pickles said...

And also thank you all you my friends for such a nice comments.

GRACIAS mis amigos por sus comentarios tan lindos.

Eva said...

wow looks like fun! I love her beautiful skirt too :)