Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Michaelmas Day!!

Feliz Dia de San Miguel!!

Feliz Dia de San Miguel !!

This is the first year we celebrate Michaelmas' Day, I think it is such a fun festivity for children and adults.Here is some information about this wonderful Festivity..

Esta es la primera vez que celebramos el Dia de San Miguel, pienso que es una fiesta llena de victoria para los ninos y adultos. Aqui hay mas informacion acerca de esta fiesta. 

I started this fest days ago painting a dragon t-shirt for little C. I used  fabric paint and a warm white shirt she will use for winter. First I  drew the dragon on this shirt and then started to paint. I love painting in fabric, it is being a while I haven't been doing it but  I hope I will start making more projects like this for Christmas....

Comenze este festival  pintando un dragon en una de las camisetas blancas de C utilizando pinturas de tela, primero dibuje el dragon en la camiseta y luego lo empeze a pintar. Me gusta mucho la pintura en tela, yo solia hacer mas proyectos en tela pero hace unos meses que lo dele por falta de tiempo, pienso seguir creando proyectos como este para navidad.

A pink dragon for C

Un dragon rosa para C
Here little C is painting a dragon lantern using watercolor paint. I printed the idea from here. (YOU can see that little C is wearing her dragon cute)

Aqui mi pequena C esta pintando el dragon (que sera una linterna) utilizando pinturas acuarelas. Imprimi la pagina de aqui.(PUEDEN ver que mi C lleva puesta su camiseta del dragon).
This is how the lantern looks after C painted  it. For lightening the lantern we use flameless tea candles.

Aqui esta la linterna  terminada de mi pequena C !! Para iluminar la linternas siempre utilizamos velas pequenas a bateria.
We baked some bread in a shape of a dragon..we got the recipe from here.

Hicimos pan en forma de un dragon..Use la receta de esta pagina.

And for dessert we had crispy apples...mmm super yummy.

Y de postre hicimos Manzanas crujientes..muy delicioso.


2 Pequeños Traviesos said...

Me encanta la foto nueva de tu blog. Y la anterior tambien! Haces cosas hermosas con tu chica.

Anonymous said...


twolittleseeds said...

Nice pictures. Love your title picture! Is that where you live??? Cool!

Anonymous said...

beautiful works and pictures!!!
Kisses and nice weekend.

Olives and Pickles said...

Thanks my friends. It was time for a little change in this blog ah?
Well I took this picture in one of our trips to the local farm, we go there to pick vegetables and some fruit. C loves going there, she can see the animals and ride on the equipment.

Montessori Beginnings said...

I love your new header picture!! Such a cute dragon bread. Looks like you had lots of fun. We didn't celebrate this year but maybe we will next year!

Jill said...

Like your new layout of your blog! What neat ideas! Thanks for sharing!
Have a blessed day,