Friday, September 10, 2010

Break Time

Tiempo de receso

Dear friends, I will be out off line for the next week, I will have a very busy week I don't think I will have energy and time to post!!Thank you.I will see you in a week.

Queridos amigos, tomare la proxima semana libre de este querido blog, tendre una semana muy ocupada asi que me temo que no tendre tiempo ni energia para mi blog.
Nos vemos en una semana.


merche29 said...

descansa, descansa. aqui te esperaremos

Leptir said...

"see" you!

Anonymous said...

Que tengas una buena semana! AquĆ­ esperaremos pacientemente

about a girl said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I was thinking of you yesterday as L was eating olives and pickles before her meal!(I do love pickels : )
Hope you have a good bloggy break.

Anonymous said...

Hope your busy week is going well!

Sandy said...

Hi Patty! I am so happy you are visiting us at Flickr and especially because you can leave me comments just using your yahoo account (go back to read my answer). I am missing "chatting" with my bloggy friends :-) so, thank you for your comments.
Hope you enjoyed your bloggy break.