Friday, July 16, 2010

Fine motor skills set

These are some of the activities sets that my daughter enjoys doing while I am busy cooking or preparing something in the kitchen. These sets keep her little fingers busy. Works her eye-hand coordination as well.
Estas son algunas de las actividades que preparo para mantener a mi hija ocupada mientras yo estoy cocinando o preparando algo en la cocina.Estas actividades ayudan a sus deditos a mantenerlos acupados.Tambien trabaja su coordinacion visual y manual.

Inserting toothpicks into an empty container I recycled from my kitchen.
Colocar estos palillos de dientes dentro de este embase de plastico que recicle de mi cocina.

Inserting these chips into an empty container that has a little cut I made with a knife.
Insertar estos discos de colores dentro de este embase, en la tapa de este embase hice un corte usando un cuchillo para que los discos puedan entrar al embase.

Inserting these fun marble stones I bought at the craft store into the plastic container.
Poner estas piedras de color blanco dentro de este embase de plastico.


twolittleseeds said...

Great ideas! x

Sherri said...

These are great ideas...and I love that they are all easy to make and cost little to nothing! perfect! =)

Olives and Pickles said...

I like to go cheap,simple and fun!! I will post later on other great ideas to keep our little stars busy..

Anonymous said...

I love the toothpick idea. I am always looking for things Sam can do at the counter while I am cooking so these are perfect.
Thanks so much for sharing.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Nice works! Just discovered your blog and look forward to reading it. am your newest follower.
Hope that you will come and check out my blog, too...