Friday, July 23, 2010

Sorting Activities

Grouping is the first step in learning and understanding that numbers represent objects.Children are naturally curious. They are exploring what they are see-ing and touching.I use household materials to give my daughter the chance to have fun with them. She doesn't know she is "learning" she knows she is having fun...that is what matters!

Agrupación es el primer paso en el aprendizaje y la comprensión que los números representan objects.Los ninos son curiosos por naturaleza.Ellos exploran todo lo que tocan y ven.Uso materiales de uso domestico para guiar a mi hija en un mejor aprendisaje...lo mejor de todo es que ella no sabe que esta "aprendiendo"...ella solo se esta divirtiendo...y ESO es lo que importa!

This summer we have been playing with water balloon very often, after we clean up we save the popped balloons for some of them is this one. We really like the colors of these balloons are so bright and colorful!!

Este verano hemos estado jugando con globos de agua muy a menudo, después que terminamos de jugar es la hora de recoger, guardamos los globos reventados para otras actividades, como por ejemplo para la clasificacion de colores.Nos gustan los colores de estos globos son muy brillantes y coloridos.

Here we have 3 different kinds of pasta..I also add some corn and bean grains to this activity (because I didn't have any other type of pasta to complete the group of 5).She learned the different textures, names ,colors,sizes,explore space,
recognize shapes,recognize patterns and quantity. Yes all that in this simple activity.

Aquí tenemos tres tipos diferentes de pasta .. Agregue algunos granos de maíz y frijol a esta actividad (porque no tenia otro tipo de pasta para completar el grupo de 5) Ella aprendió las diferentes texturas, los nombres, los colores , tamaños, explorar el espacio,reconocer las formas,reconocer patrones y cantidad.
Si todo esto en esta simple actividad!


Leptir (Nataša) said...

Hi! My name is Nataša, I'm Montessori teacher (3-6) from Croatia. I just find your blog via Raising Ian and 2 Pequenos Traviesos! I think your activities are great and your posts interesting.

Hugs and kisses

Olives and Pickles said...

Welcome to my blog Natasa!! Thank you for your lovely comment.I am looking forward to hear from you again.
Enjoy beautiful nature!
Big hugs.

Tonya Gunn said...

Thank you for sharing this hands on idea.

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

What a simple activity. My boys, especially the two year old loves to do things like that now. I also love the idea of recycling the popped balloons. What a great way to get a second use out of them! :)